How to Make a DIY Wood Key Holder: Step-by-Step Tutorial

How to Make a DIY Wood Key Holder: Step-by-Step Tutorial

 If you're tired of constantly misplacing your keys and spending time searching for them, a DIY wood key holder can be a perfect solution. Not only is it a practical addition to your home or office, but it can also be a fun and creative project that allows you to customize your key holder to match your personal style and d├ęcor. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of making your own DIY wood key holder step-by-step, so you can have a stylish and functional way to store your keys in no time.

What do you need?

Body of the key rack

  • Two pieces of wood; one main piece (mine is 19″ x 7.5″) and one shelf piece (mine is 8″ long x 2.5″ deep)

  • Minwax stain in English Chestnut and Polyurethane in Semigloss

  • Liquid Nails Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive and two clamps (use something else that’s heavy to apply pressure in a pinch)

  • Chip brushes

  • Assorted sandpaper

Hardware for the key rack

  • Two d-ring picture hangers

  • Screw hooks (these are already painted in oil-rubbed bronze!)

  • Flower Pot Clip, which I had left over from a previous project–remember to bring these to the store with you to make sure your pot’s lip fits

  • Rust-Oleum spray paint in Oil-Rubbed Bronze

  • Drill (this is my drill)

Pot—purely for decorative purposes

  • 3″ diameter terracotta pot with a 1.5″ lip

  • Kylon spray paint in Metallic Gold and Colonial Ivory Chalky Finish

  • Frog Tape

  • Faux succulent stem

What do you have to do?

Remember to wear a mask and eye protection while sanding and working with wood, and wear an appropriate mask while working with paints, stains, and finishes. Follow the directions and warnings from your particular brand. Do not use any tools without proper training, precautions, and supervision from a professional.

Step 1: Cut and stain wood

  • First I cut my two pieces and sanded them. As a reminder, my key rack measurements were 19 inches by 7.5 inches (it was a piece of 1×8) and 8 inches by 2.5 inches. You can adjust these sizes as necessary. Stained each of these pieces in Minwax English Chestnut and finished them with two coats of Minwax Polyurethane in Semigloss. I also attached the d-ring hardware on the back before doing any work to the front.

Step 2: Add the shelf piece

  • Next I attached the shelf using Liquid Nails and two clamps. Since this shelf will probably only hold a wallet, I felt that glue would be enough. If you’re doing a larger shelf or want it to be sturdier, you can hammer a few nails into the shelf through the back of the key rack.

Step 3: Add hooks and pot clip

Once that dried, screwed in three screw hooks. I also added a flower Pot Clip for a little planter. The hooks were cold and the pot clip was silver, so I spray painted them all in Rust-Oleum Oil-Rubbed Bronze so they’d all match. (Obviously did this before I attached them to the key rack.)

Step 4: Add flower pot

  • Just for fun, I wanted to add a little flower pot. This is a tiny pot from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft. I wanted something lightweight, so I put a faux succulent bloom in it. This fits perfectly yin the pot clip. For the pot color, I spray painted it using Colonial Ivory, taped off the lip using Frog Tape, and spray painted the lip and the inside using Metallic Gold. When it dried, I slid it onto the Pot Clip, and hung the key holder using two nails.

  • Here is the final DIY wood key holder piece… Didn’t it turn out awesome?

We hope this article has inspired you to create your own DIY wood key holder with our helpful tips and step-by-step instructions. Have fun customizing and enjoy the practical addition to your space!


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